Sand therapy 2

During the last fortnight of therapy, I played with sand therapy and met some protector/ gatekeeper parts and two internal perpetrators- machine men parts.

When we finished the activity last time, we talked with one of the machine men. His role turned out to be a cutter of parts internally, and he became open to considering taking on a new job. T reminded me, we had suggested he become a wood cutter to help make tree house cubbies for the kids. So today we gave him his new role, however he thought the kids would be scared of him. T said he could assume a new identity if that helped and so he became a samurai wood cutter. He is in the sand tray below but he is next to the wood blocks so it is difficult to see.

Then the other machine man decided to join and assume a new identity. He is on the right hand side of the picture and his job is to look after the little ones and stand guard for them. They can read and draw around his feet whilst he stands guard and sing songs if they want.

Sand tray: machine men come out of darkness
Sand tray: machine men come out of darkness 2
Sand tray: machine men assume new jobs and identities

There was a key in the sand tray and I felt the parts were giving me the key, so I took it. It was like they were giving me control/ access. You’ve got the key to turn this on or off…

A key to my inner world? A key to unlock new thinking?

Finally, T commented on the dark tree still sitting in the sand tray. I said I wanted to smash it. So she gave me a baseball bat and I put it on the ground and I smashed it and broke it. I felt charged and angry.

Smashing evil trees.

Then, it was time to go home.