Sand tray therapy continues

Last night in therapy we did sand play work. T invited the part who came out last week to join in. I don’t know whether it was them that appeared or not but T suggested we pick some objects from her shelf that appealed to us. The part picked a toy puppy, a penguin, koala, panda and monkey. T suggested we choose one to speak for. I felt very shy so she went first, selecting the puppy. He said hello to everyone and went for a scoot around the sand. I picked the monkey, who said hello and that we were having a meeting.

T then picked the panda and said that she was hungry. We got the panda some bamboo and added it to the sand tray. Then T asked me what each of them represented. I said the monkey was the leader and he was wise. The puppy spoke for the littles, the penguin; mother nurturer type and the panda represented the parts of me that felt stupid and the koala those that felt fear. T suggested I pick an object for each of them that made them feel safe. I picked a bed for the penguin who was carrying a baby penguin in her pouch, so the baby penguin could have a nap, an eeyore toy dog for the puppy, a tree for the koala, a gold jewel for the panda and a lovely mosaic stone for the monkey.

We talked about what would happen at the meeting and the monkey said that issues could be discussed and anything else the parts wanted to bring up.

Finally, T asked if I would like to reposition the monkey as he was sitting opposite the koala, as she thought it might help the koala feel less fearful. The photos below show the objects I got for the toy parts and also the final position that everyone ended up in.

Then the session was over. Today I woke extremely exhausted and dissociative but I’m feeling okay now.

3 thoughts on “Sand tray therapy continues

  1. Hi! That does sound like a great session! Your t sounds amazing, just like ours! Sending all of you a huge hug! Rest a lot today if you can! Therapy is so draining! Xxx

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