Sleeping memory

I spent the day in bed after going to sleep at 8pm Friday night. I had been pushing through all week with work, although I had a cold. End of week, it just hit me. Migraine and then my eyes got all puffy and allergic again. They still haven’t gone down. I don’t know why I get these puffy allergic eyes. I never used to. I am deeply fatigued. I have slept for 21 hours yet it does not feel enough. I dreamt memory all day, waking in fright. I tried to speak and yell out in my dreams but no sound would come out. I was trapped. When I eventually woke, I let out a small scream and shivered and shook. S came to me and said “it’s okay it’s just a bad dream.”

It’s Beltane today. I wonder if it’s why I am sick but there are other reasons for it too. It’s 8pm now I need to go back to sleep.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping memory

  1. My Beltane dream — Not sure why I think it is funny!

    I was filled with happiness and self-confidence for the first time in my life. It faded a bit and then came back full force. But that evening they executed me.

    Half-awake, I thought, “That was just a dream. I am really just an old lady from Idaho.” (I’m not. I have always lived in big cities.)

    I’m sorry you are having so many migraines. And I wonder if fatigue like that is something medical that needs attention rather than a body memory?

    1. It could be something greater, but for now I feel like I have not been giving my body the rest it needs. It could be chronic fatigue but I need to monitor it for a few months as it’s a hard one to diagnose. I’d never noticed if 1 May was a trigger day and this year, from our conversation, became curious. But I’ve been sick and running rough for a while, so just need to keep it simple and rest.

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