Today I submitted my PhD. This means it’s on its way to the examiners as soon as my supervisor finds someone! The process is that two people read the thesis and look at the creative work. They might come back with some comments and changes and then I respond and once it’s accepted, I get a pass. Then i can officially graduate and wear a floppy hat at the ceremony.

It felt a bit anti climatic. I wasn’t planning to do it today, but I had everything done and just wanted to get it off my plate. It’s been a seven year journey and I think I’ve done the best I can for where I am at. I am proud of the thesis and also the project. I learnt so much and have grown exponentially throughout this process. So let’s wait and see what the examiners say. But at least now I can stop working on it over weekends and summer holidays and move onto other things.

Also, I just found out I’m 9 years sober / alcohol free this year. I don’t keep track anymore. That means I’m 8 years with my therapist. gosh to think at one point in my life I couldn’t imagine going a day without a drink. Crazy.

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