Process of enquiry 3.

Following on from my creative exploration of “commitment”, I took the last two words in my list of unconscious feelings and enacted them as follows:

Commitment is…crazy

The keyword was crazy. I performed a movement and took a photograph. Then I wrote the description “when I commit, I get hurt. I get hit, I can’t breathe. I’m trapped.”

Then I moved on to my final word “safety.”

Commitment is… safety
Body movement to represent safety.

After “performing” a movement of the word safety, I added to it, writing: love, protection, held, peace. I wrote: “commitment is safety. Is safety possible? Do I deserve it? No-one is safe. I am safe now.”

I felt that I circled back in some ways to one of the first words I wrote “peace.” Next step, according to therapist, is to now further cluster the words and explore them in more detail. Stay tuned….

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