SRA Ministry – Video

On this blog I won’t be shy about God as I believe ritual abuse is wholly a spiritual problem and operates on a demonic level and therefore only God can overcome it. I do understand that many abuse victims/ survivors get extremely triggered by God and that’s okay, if that is you, then there are plenty of other bloggers out there not talking about Him. Firstly, I just want to state that I do not believe God is religion. I think religion is a man made, utterly flawed human construct that is evil in its nature. I understand that it provides a safe framework for people from which to live their lives by, however I think that God in the bible offers this structure and that he does not condone religion, rather urges His people to follow him. If they don’t, well there are consequences. It doesn’t make God happy that this is the case. I digress. I think that God is spirituality and much, much more. I think following Jesus is the way to God and that He is our way out of this satanic driven and controlled world. The only way. The video below features a woman named Patricia Clark. She is an unassuming force to be reckoned with and really it is just because she has Christ on her side / within her. She operates on both the spiritual and natural plane. I long for this. Her video could be triggering to some, but if you haven’t heard her before, I recommend her as she has great insight into satanic ritual abuse and is very skilled in helping release people from their deep, hidden pain.

You can check out her work at His Presence Online and also she has more videos on her youtube channel.

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