Voices inside my head

I have no idea whether it is a pre-menstrual thing or a sign that I am run down or not travelling too well, but sometimes the voices in my head are much louder than other times. Sometimes I actually feel normal and it is all quiet in there.


When they go off it is very tiring trying to keep up with it all. I want to listen but then that may signify that I am truly crazy, so best ignore. Or do I try and interject and give my two cents for what it is worth, or just let it all ride out. My therapist suggested I write down what ‘they’ say. I once did this and it wasn’t very nice, hence why I haven’t made a habit of it, but in the interest of DDNOS recovery and progress I thought I would give it a shot. So here goes…

  • Help me
  • Get off me
  • Stop it
  • They will kill you
  • Shut-up
  • Don’t hurt me
  • You are going to die
  • They will kill you
  • Evil, evil, evil
  • I’m not allowed to have sex anymore
  • Satan’s gonna get you
  • You’re dead
  • They’re gonna eat you alive
  • Help me
  • I can’t breathe
  • Ssh
  • Ssh
  • [Insert my name] has gone away
  • You will go crazy
  • They’re trying to kill me
  • I’m scared
  • I can’t move
  • What’s the point of living
  • Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

Kinda twisted huh? I should clarify, that the voices are not so much from other people rather live thoughts or conversations going on in my head. I don’t necessarily get a sense of who is saying what, whether the voice is male or female or young or old, it is more of a sense of it all being within me, that the voices/ thoughts are parts of self within me. Does anyone else experience this? What kind of voices do you hear? Do you talk back or have you ever tried? Keen to hear from others as to what goes on inside their head.